A Labour Of Love

Welcome! Better late than never…

I'm keeping this short, as I'd rather you explored the site a little than get weighed down by my ramblings.

The site is as finished as I can possibly manage right now, in terms of layout, design and navigation. I'm now populating it with samples of my work.

Soon to come is an area of the site about my work in progress, including more details about my novel. There will also be an E-shop where you will soon be able to download poetry and E-books.

It's been a long, wobbly road getting this site to this point. I'd be a liar if I said it has been months of intense work, as I'm no web developer and sometimes I had to walk away from it before I drove myself mad!

But I'm pleased with the result and I hope you are too.

It still retains the old "identity" of Splintered Reflections, but I'm going to be able to build on this site much more easily, add many more features and essentially make it much more user-friendly.

To those of you who have offered me much encouragement with my writing over the last year or so, I appreciate your patience more than I can ever express.


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