Lady Grey

OK, so it was Jason who came up with the name for my blog. I wanted a name that was both beautiful and dark; a name that suggested poetry and grit. I've been agonising over titles for some weeks now, laying awake at night, words somersaulting through my mind. I had thought it may come to me during a planned brainstorming session with some creative friends of mine and freeflowing wine. Or maybe sitting on my terrace watching the sunset over the mountains. I had NOT expected the words to come absentmindedly tripping off Jason's lips over a cup of Lady Grey and some Haribo stolen from the kids' sweetie jar. Nevertheless, inspiration struck him before it could be bothered to get to me, and now my blog has a name. And this new chapter in my life has a kind of identity.

It seems to me that during times of life when I feel without reference, when I am frustrated that my life seemingly has no direction, something ALWAYS seems to be happening at a deeper level. The last three weeks or so have been a classic example of this phenomenon. I have had five really "telling" encounters with people recently, at a time in my life when I have been looking for a new direction. Four out of these five people were incredibly positive, inspirational, encouraging and loving. The fifth? This encounter served to tell me what happens to those who are uninspired, unencouraged, negative and generally spend far too much time being angry. Needless to say, I know which "camp" I am jumping to. In the name of loving myself, I am now promising myself to find the time and space to write.

So before I kick off "proper", I want to say thank you to The Artist, The Actress/Burlesque Dancer, The Life Coach/Burlesque Dancer (yes, I really do know two Burlesque Dancers) and The Beautiful Grieving Mother. To Number Five, I say thank you for showing me something I obviously needed to see.


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