A Time Of Darkness

Head balanced on hands Staring mutely at wood grain Counting lines, comparing knots My head motionless, eyes darting Lines and knots develop Into expressive imaginary faces Welcome company at our Continue reading


Inky black fingers cleverly worm Through tiny slivers in my psyche Deep crevasses of vulnerability Once hidden behind a membrane   My shell of protection, worn lifelong Patch-worked from a Continue reading

Beautiful Life

I've been stripped once more Back to basics But beauty in life It overwhelms me I watch as men climb On steel structures Cutting themselves Dirt under fingernails They are Continue reading


Amongst the fairy lights An unforeseen chemical reaction A tiny spark catches and builds momentum A row born from seemingly nowhere Ancient tensions are ripped through The surface of a Continue reading

Seeing It From Above

On a plane again; alone. Through torn openings in Sunlit, cotton-wool clouds I spy populated clusters; Pockets of life, teeming With questions, arguments, Heartaches, that match Even overpower, mine. The Continue reading