Sky Dancer

For a silent three years, he had music and books That kept him from places he cared not to look He spoke only inside, never uttered aloud Contentment existed away Continue reading

Enchanted Dancers

Tangled hair and faces chilled to a burn From a bonfire-scented howling gale Encouraging technicoloured dancers; Leaves of umber, saffron and copper rose Warm doorways open to those braving the Continue reading


A torso Lovingly weighed down By another’s limb A window’s breath Over tested muscles On a burning night Exquisite exhaustion

Worth The Wait

Cold, empty, winter days In a house bought for two She silently, patiently waits Marking time with her pain Immaculate in his absence She makes a home for one Whilst Continue reading

One Day

I often wish for one day of peace When only kind words are spoken When selflessness triumphs over selfishness When obstacles melt away When we honour each other When the Continue reading

Step Stone

Drain me Drown me with vitriol Step-stone on me When my head is barely above water Go now I’m done I’m waving bye-bye My energy will no longer accept you Continue reading


A single ant marches purposefully Along rivulets of moss Like external arteries Clinging to weathered bricks She watches in stillness and silence No longer a slave to time Simply no Continue reading

Shelter Me

Muscles spasm and veins protrude Pulling my limbs through a sea of treacle Thick with jumbled, cracked bones Of those who fell before me I know in my heart what Continue reading