I'm adding a note to this blog post today, which is now 10 October 2013, just over three years since I wrote it initially. Those who read my blogs back then will realise just how significant this date was, and still is to me.

This blog post, ultimately about the horrors of homelessness and how grateful I felt for my position in life, was written exactly one day before my life was to completely change forever.

Original Post (written on 2 October 2010)

I'm sitting in a hotel room after an absolutely gigantic lunch at Switzerland's only Wagamama's, including quite a lot of beer and sake. It's nearly time for a crafty little siesta before heading out tonight to explore more of Zurich's nightlife. So in the holiday frame-of-mind are we, that I even have a little glass of vodka & coke at my side. Life is rather lovely today. All of this after a night of about 9 hours sleep, in the softest, most comfortable bed known to man, well, I am feeling pretty spoilt.

What is even more lovely, is that I have finally finished a poem that has been rattling around my head since the early summer. I don't want to go into much detail about what the poem has meant to me. I like poetry because the reader can draw his or her own conclusions and make it entirely personal to them. Rather like music, I suppose.

What I do want to say, however, is that the poem was inspired by one of those moments in life that shakes you to the core; one of those moments when you have a horrible, sick feeling wash over you. The poem is about a homeless woman I saw once. She simply hasn't left me since.

And as I sit here on a huge comfy hotel bed, with my geeky boyfriend snoring away next to me, fiddling around on my laptop, sipping vodka and coke and feeling the most relaxed I have felt in months… feeling SAFE, I can't help but feel so very lucky. I often forget that.

It is called The Absence of Good.

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