Sky Dancer

For a silent three years, he had music and books
That kept him from places he cared not to look
He spoke only inside, never uttered aloud
Contentment existed away from the crowds

He was safe here alone with nothing to face
Being examined only by Time and Space
But they had decided to exist wasn't living
It was time for love, to find space for giving

They threw a woman before him, a challenge to love
She showed him her heart with a label above
His soul awakened and his veins began pumping
His heart filled with colour; skipping and thumping

His books lay unread, music – her laughter
A moment without her, unimagined hereafter
He came alive under her gaze, so beautifully intense
And knew that he'd found what living really meant

They danced and sang and drank and played
Until hearts gave out and they slept all day
For him, she starved, she stole, she shared
Taught him to love her as much as he dared

She showed him the warmth of an adoring touch
Awoke his muscles until he loved her too much
She then showed him pleasure, wanting and pain
Ensured that without her, he'd not breathe again

She'd have sliced through her limbs to fill his plate
Held her own breath forever, for his not to abate
She'd have torn herself open to give him her heart
And ripped out her veins, for love was her art

Then one day, he finally spoke of his desire
To end their love and to extinguish the fire
She accepted his wishes with silent grace
Told him not of her contract with Time and Space

She'd taken nothing herself, for she existed to show
What life could be like if one chose to grow
The deal was done, decision made, time for home
He'd chosen courage, chosen LIFE; to go it alone

She had no belongings, so she packed up her love
And boxed it up in her heart with a label above
He offered his veins to tie it securely
Knowing no-one had ever loved him so purely

She simply lead him outside, a last shred of power
They stood in sunshine and summer showers
She told of her pride at his becoming a man
That she'd loved him since Time and Space began

Hair wet on her face, his heart burst with pain
For he knew he wouldn't know such love again
As he said farewell, she'd no choice but to fly
She'd already begun to fade out and die

They kissed one last time just before her ascent
Eyes level no longer; up, away she went
Her hair caught in the wind as she tumbled away
She spiralled and somersaulted in one final play

Tears fell from his eyes as she danced in the sky
Loving her, so painful, and he didn't know why
He thanked her for teaching him all he'd learned
She embraced the sun and he watched her burn

Her feet fell as sparks right down to the ground
Then her body, as ashes, scattered without sound
Her smile fell as raindrops, cleansing his face
Washing tears and returning them to Time and Space

Finally her burning heart came down to his feet
As a shower of stars, no longer to beat
He fell to the ground and rubbed his face in the grass
Knowing this was the end, no more to pass

He closed his eyes and he saw her, hair tangled in clouds
She ushered him towards LIFE, towards the crowds
Then he plucked from the earth a label above
He screamed her name, for he knew it was Love

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