A Freelancer’s Space: The Top Ten Things Needed To Guarantee Success

I put this list together during my coffee break yesterday. I’ve called it A Freelancer’s Space: The Top 10 Things Needed (To Guarantee Success). In reality, it’s just a list of stuff in my office that I like. Enjoy.

  1. Something appealing to drink from. Leave the scummy communal mugs to the mugs.

  2. Fingerless gloves. Protect your digits from the cold, reduce your heating bills and sport that arty, grungy, “possibly homeless but relying on raw talent to survive” look.

  3. Something unidentifiable your children made you. “Um? Aww. Whaaa? Aaah. Hmm. Etc…” Fuzzy confusion never hurt anyone.

  4. A positive message. BOSH, for example.

  5. A hammer. No questions, just do it.

  6. Somewhere to sit comfortably and let ideas flow. J K Rowling sat in a cafe, probably with sofas, not primly on an orthopaedic chair designed with lumbar support in mind.

  7. Any necessary vices. All successful freelancers shake, rattle and roll. (Coffee, codeine, fags.)

  8. Inspirational reading. You’ll need a Twitter account for this.

  9. Pictures of places that inspire you. Let your mind transport you (business class, with gin, tonic and nuts) to somewhere peaceful, beautiful and away from reality.

  10. Colour. Why be dull?

(Disclaimer: There is no guarantee whatsoever.)


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