Skinny 160713

I've hit THAT week. The pre-menstrual one when I can't smash enough carbs into my face and I'm waddling around like an Emperor Penguin after an orgy.

It had to happen. I've been so motivated up until now and this is my test. I've been on this health kick for weeks and haven't blogged about it before now because I've been in utter disbelief that it's working. I didn't want to tempt fate. I'm actually the lightest I've been in years. 

But now I've hit a roadblock.

Can I stay focused despite a probable gain when I weigh in this evening? Ordinarily this is precisely the time I'd scurry out of Slimming World, claiming I "had to get back to the children" before sucking down a bottle of wine and eating most of dinner before it makes contact with the ceramic hob.

Weigh-in is at 5.30pm tonight.

Pray for me.  

2 thoughts on “Skinny 160713

  1. You’ve done incredibly well! I’ve been at this for 18 months – it can be very trying especially around the week when you want to fill your fave with stuff and fill others’ faces with your fist! Keep going. Love your blogs.

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