Lucky Seven: Excerpt from “The Year We Were S.A.D.”

I've recently been tagged by Alison Wells, truly one of my favourite writers, in "Lucky Seven". Alison is launching her E-book & Blog Splash on 8th May for "Housewife with a Half-Life", a comedy space novel (her first novel using her new pen-name, A.B. Wells).

Confession: I asked Alison how I could get involved, as I'm a new writer and I'm looking for ways to get my writing out to the masses. She graciously included me when one of her other chosen authors backed out. Thanks, Alison!

What IS Lucky Seven?

It's a chance for already-established and also new writers to showcase their craft by including a sample of their current work in progress on their blog or website.

The instructions for Lucky 7 are:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Post on your blog the next 7 lines, or sentences, as they are – no cheating
  • Tag 7 other authors to do the same

Alison has "tagged" me in her blog post, and now I shall tag seven others…

…or attempt to.

The problem with being a "newbie" in the writing community is that I don't have a huge pool of other writers to choose from. Many that I do know have already been included in Lucky Seven. Many others that I admire don't have a current work in progress or have just had their work published. So after I asked some of my favourite writers recently, I also put a request out on Twitter for anyone interested. It was quite refreshing to see some new writers who, like me, really want to grab opportunities to get their work out there.

But the upshot is, I am still looking for two more!

For now, however, back to the main purpose of Lucky Seven. I have two books in progress. Firstly, the book based on my website, Splintered Reflections, which isn't likely to be finished for some time yet. (The site is currently having a huge redesign and overhaul and I'll be advising on the exact launch date soon.)

I wrote my second book for #nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month, in November 2011.

The book is entitled "The Year We Were S.A.D.".

Sarah, 28, is a survivor; an ambitious, hard-working girl who keeps her eyes fixed firmly ahead. She rarely relies on anyone. Joe, 24, suffers from an anxiety disorder. Confined by the only four walls he has ever known, he has learned to rely on his imagination alone to provide him with a life worth living. "The Year We Were S.A.D." is the story of two people at what seem like opposite ends of the social spectrum, who risk their respective comfort zones and routines by taking their relationship out of the safety of cyberspace and into the harsh reality of real life. A story about judgement, love, acceptance and, ultimately, trust.

This excerpt is from Chapter 2, entitled "Darkness". Here, we hear from Sarah:

"The teeming crowds that I would have once happily got lost in, have becoming overwhelming. The sheer volume of it all seems to have snuffed my light out completely.

I don’t know who I am. I just feel pain.

And every Saturday, I swallow this pain down like a bitter pill, push my way through the crowds to Oxford Street as quickly as possible and catch the 98 bus home.

When I eventually get there, I lock the door behind me and I try hard not to the listen to the deafening, screaming silence.

And I feel stupid."

I am currently editing "The Year We Were S.A.D." and will be approaching publishers with it as soon as I've finished. This will be the first time I've ever really tried to get anything published, so it's a very exciting and nerve-wracking process!

The following writers have all "pretty much" agreed to be included in Lucky Seven. If there are any changes to this list, I will make the necessary changes as and when.

I am also looking for two more writers to complete the list.

Mic Wright (@brokenbottleboy)

Kathryn Eastman (@katheastman)

Alice Linley-Munro (@TheLongTallAlly)

Elinor Perry-Smith (@BrideOfChrist)

Chrissie (@EatMyHalo)

Mystery Writer 6

Mystery Writer 7

Please let me know if you would like to get involved! You can email me at

Also, please keep an eye out for a blog post coming soon, including a collaborative flash fiction piece I was involved in with Michelle Elvy (@MichelleElvy), Martha Williams (@Martha_Williams) and Claire King (@ckingwriter).

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