Diary of a New Life: Day #20 “The Inukshuk”

Precisely two weeks ago, three of my best friends and I sat on a terrace in Switzerland, drinking wine and looking at the mountains on a very chilly night.

One of these beautiful ladies who I love with all my heart handed me a little package. She spoke a few words and cried. She told us a little story about what the package contained. It was a little metal symbol, hanging on a keychain. It was called "The Inukshuk".

The Inukshuk, eternal giant of stone, symbol of the Inuit civilisation of the Canadian Arctic, stands as the unique guide in the frozen vast wilderness. The gold and pewter sides of this piece are to remind us of the season of continuous daylight and of complete darkness which climax respectively with the summer and winter solstices. The Inukshuk will be with you for luck and protection throughout all your travels.

The next day, I walked out of that apartment with the little terrace, with my children and a few belongings, including a little bottle of lake water, in search of a new beginning. So much has happened since.

I have been in the wilderness.

I have been cold, frightened, terrified for our future.

I have felt that my heart would stop beating, such was the pain.

I wrote before I left that if I could just make it to a time when I could paint my daughter's new bedroom walls her favourite colour pink, then I would know that everything would be ok…

Today I bought a new toaster, a new kettle, some plates, some brightly coloured duvet covers for my kids, and some PAINT! I also collected the key to my new home and attached it to my Inukshuk.


I dedicate this to all my true friends: to those of you who have bought me "Crisis Beers" in recent weeks, who have bought me a carrier bag full of bread, butter, ketchup and bacon, who opened their home to me and my kids and made me welcome, who told me jokes online and made me giggle when the world seemed black, who offered help when they really didn't have to, who have been there for me, late at night, when I'm lying in bed and feel it's safe to let my guard down, that a brave face is no longer required.

I love you all…thank you.

I made it!

I am HOME!


8 thoughts on “Diary of a New Life: Day #20 “The Inukshuk”

  1. Gorgeous! “You are on the right path” friend…but then again, I knew you were before you left.

    I love you and miss you every single day. xxx

  2. I am in tears Janey. God Bless the three of you in your new home. I am thinking of you all the time and looking forward to speaking to you when you are able to. You are amazing x x x x

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