Rape at The Latitude Festival

Yesterday was a very special day for me. My interview with Karl at The Dialogue Project was played to people in the forest at The Latitude Festival.  The Festival is especially important to me, as takes place in my beautiful and much-loved home county of Suffolk.

I have been so very touched by countless messages from friends on Twitter who have read my blog and from some of those people who took the time to listen to my interview.  I have read messages that have really touched my heart, both from people in support of me, who applaud the way I am trying to be so open about such a terrible ordeal, but also from those who have suffered themselves and who, like me, continue on a journey to make sense of it all.

It was truly uplifting.  So I ended the day on a high.

Until I heard the news.

Yesterday, a woman was raped at The Latitude Festival.

I voiced my heartache at this last night on Twitter:

@janeprinsep: CRYING. My interview is being played at Latitude about #raperecovery, just as another victim's journey is beginning.

It seems so utterly devastating and ironic to me, that potentially whilst people were sitting in the forest, listening to my voice talking about recovery from an horrific crime, somebody, somewhere close by, was having their control stripped away from them, their choices wiped out and their life path altered in ways they will not yet even be able to understand.

Karl from The Dialogue Project emailed me just now and voiced his sadness at this attack happening.  He, like me, however, feels that it makes it even MORE important now for the interview to be heard.

To me, the whole point is this:

Rape, abuse, call it whatever you want, it keeps happening.  And sadly, it always will.  I do not claim to be in any way a kind of "voice for other victims".  I can only speak for myself.

But if hearing my voice can help another victim in some small way, even if it is just to get them out of bed on one particular morning, then this is all worthwhile.

You have a choice.  Please choose to listen.

Thank you.

Jane x

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